Penny Arcade

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The TUBE is signed.
By both artists.
My picture with the artists.
They joked when I handed Brad my camera that he was blind.
In both eyes.
I thought they were joking.
Gabe signs Fred's Pirogoeth poster on the lark of a customer.
As does Tycho!
They were out of CTS t-shirts in XL, so I asked how much Brad's was.
He sold it to me, but I'm afraid I took a compromising picture...
I've thought of getting into web comics...
but I didn't know you had to sign other men's stomaches.
(didn't catch Tycho's signature until I got the film back)
What's Fred doing here?! Well, didn't have a better place...
I waited 4.5 hours in line for a signature from Fred "Piro" Gallagher.
But at least I got a sketch of Largo...