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So, I decided to go to SakuraCon 2003. I found out about it from Penny Arcade, about four days before it began. Since Fred (Megatokyo) was going to be there as well, I figured it was a great opportunity. I couldn't wait to get my hands on a Cardboard Tube Samauri tee-shirt.

First, the web site is absolutely terrible. Here's a screen shot of the entire schedule, two days AFTER the event. I should note that there are something like 40 different events, but that's all they had as far as when the events would happen. So I figured that it would probably be open at 10:00 on Saturday.

Well, it was open... problem is, when you have 3000 people trying to park at a 1000 person convention center, parking fills up pretty fast. :) So getting there at what turned out to be "late" was probably not a good idea. I finally made arrangements with a nearby hotel to park for $7, and made my way to stand in line for an hour. Yup! Even late, there was a line. The place was packed! Fortunately, it only sprinkled while we stood outside.

Once inside, armed with my badge and camera, I set out to find the Megatokyo & Penny Arcade booths.

...More to come when I have time. I'm tired...